How it all began!

Letter writing has gone out of vogue long ago, I used to be one of those people who wrote regularly and in detail to friends and quite regularly to the family. maybe at some level I miss it, rare occasions when I get a letter ( the last one I received from my friend Neesha in Mumbai ) I am thrilled and resolve that I should start writing letters again, but the enthusiasm is overtaken by the ( almost pointless) busyness of life.  maybe that’s why I enjoy this weekly missive to Bio basics consumers!

This weekly letter ( I like to call it a letter rather than an article) to Bio Basics customers completes two years. Almost every week I have written something; be it about food, farming, health, pesticides, genetically modified (GM) food, sustainable celebrations and even sharing snippets from my favorite children’s books. This was not a planned initiative; it was born out of my need to share and also to use the blank page on another side of our bill ( wasting that side appalled the sustainability sensibility within me ).

Why I write every week?

It all began innocuously. One of the initial weeks of Bio Basics, we got some large raw Kilimooku mangoes from our farm. Sitting with  Neesha, a beloved friend from Mumbai, who was then our house guest, I was describing how to prepare the delicious chutney with Kilimooku manga. Then it struck us that we could write out the recipe and share it with our handful of customers. We did just that; here it is for you, our first letter to Bio Basics customers, in Neesha’s hand and her drawing. Yes,  I  still have copies!

Having written articles, reports etc, these letters are where I find myself expressing most freely as if carrying on a conversation, about food, farming, and sustainability, my favorite topics other than books. I do bring in books, maybe I should bring in more books and documentaries as well. Most of these letters are written on Wednesday morning around 7 AM; that is when we begin our work day on our bi-weekly delivery days. Among these letters some of them mean a lot to me, I felt strongly about something ( about the first aadi perukku when the farmer worked for our harvest)  and just write it down, some I really enjoyed writing ( like the letters where I have put pictures from my favourite children’s book, The Lion and the Bird ) .

I have started posting the letters on our blog and hope to have most of them up in the near future. Thanks to many of you who get back to me with comments, appreciation, thanking me for suggestions and just saying that you look forward to the letters. Having said that many people did not notice the letters for weeks, till we mentioned it on the bill. As usual, I welcome feedback and your suggestions on things you would like to know more about!

On a personal note, maybe we should think of taking out the time to reflect and write, without being able to delete and edit. It could be quite therapeutic and meditative. I know our grandparents and parents took pride in writing letters which had no spelling or grammar errors and nothing was struck off. I wonder if today any of us are equipped to hold a thought and write without getting distracted and diverted!

... and spread the good word!

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