Beat Plastic Pollution – World Environment Day 2018

What does it take to kill a whale? Just 80 plastic covers! Find this unbelievable? But this is exactly what happened to a Pilot Whale off the coast of Thailand! Read the details here…

World Environment Day 2018

world environment day 2018 plastic pollution
world environment day 2018 plastic pollution

It is not without reason that the United Nations has chosen plastic pollution as the key concern to be highlighted on this World Environment Day. Their slogan – “Beat Plastic Pollution”. What they are saying is simple… “If you can’t reuse it, refuse it”! In other words, one of the main of plastic products to avoid is single-use plastic – like carry bags, straw, use & throw cups and cutlery, etc.

Bio Basics – ‘Be organic’

Since Bio Basics is founded on the premise of “Be Organic, Buy Organic”, we have been cautious about this aspect right from the start of our social initiative in 2015. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid plastic altogether. Some of the grocery items come to us packed in plastic and are safer that way to avoid spillage. So, only recyclable polyethylene covers are used for direct to home customers within Coimbatore.  In case some of our customers here prefer are keen to avoid plastic completely, we offer them the option of visiting us at our warehouse and pick up groceries in their own containers.

cloth bags instead of plastic

Bio Basics employee with a cloth bag that is used for delivery

We further encourage our Coimbatore customers to returns back to us the plastic covers and even the paper bags, so that they can be reused by us for packing non-food items (like personal and home care items)

But wherever possible, we avoid using plastic. For instance in our direct to home organic food delivery operations in Coimbatore, the bag we use to deliver your order is a reusable cloth bag. Fresh produce is bagged in paper bags. These paper bags are sourced from an institution for special children who are engaged in making these paper bags. Also, we use plastic that is food-grade and can be re-used by you for keeping items in the fridge.

The packaging used for packing products for retail shops and consumers outside of Coimbatore are using laminated plastic covers that are recyclable. In order to ensure this, we have avoided the use of printed plastic covers.

But all said and done, we look forward to any alternatives that any of you readers may have – such as leads to manufacturers of biodegradable bags or covers, for example. We are yet to find such covers suitable for packaging provisions with adequate barrier properties to provide a reasonably good shelf life.

So, let us work together to beat the plastic pollution. Together, we can make this earth a better place.
... and spread the good word!

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