Celebrating World Environment Day – The Bio Basics Way

A Unique Celebration of World Environment Day

Panoramic view of the Organic Grape Farm

Bio Basics, in collaboration with Humane Animal Society (HAS) and Coimbatore Environment Society, celebrated the World Environment Day, 2017 by facilitating a visit to an Organic Grape Farm near Coimbatore. The was the second event planned under the Safe Food Movement initiated by Bio Basics to generate awareness about safe organic whole foods.

Organic Farmer Sadashivam

The Farm and The Farmer

The farm is located at the foothills of Ayyasamy Malai about 20 km from Coimbatore. The farmer, Sadashivam, has such an unassuming look. It would be difficult to imagine that he has 15 plus acres under organic grape cultivation alone! That apart, he also undertakes cultivation of shallot (small onions,  சின்ன வெங்காயம்) and tomatoes.

He is one among the generation of farmers who were inspired by Tamilnadu’s legendary organic farmer and food activist, Late Dr. Nammalwar. Sadashivam has been cultivating grapes for more than 30 years, but since 2009, he has switched completely to organic methods of cultivation. His words clearly resonate with his observations that led to the conviction that growing grapes the organic way is by far the best way to manage pests in grapes.

Orgnaic Grapes available with Bio Basics

He grows small black grapes with seed, called “Paneer Drakshai (பன்னீர் திராக்ஷை). These, which according to him, are what is suitable for  Coimbatore’s climate, and are far healthier, particularly if eating with the seed.

A Healthy Organic, Vegan Breakfast

Organic Veagan Whole Food Meal

Feasting on freshly plucked grapes picked up along the walk across the farm in the heat of the sun soon had the participants suffering pangs of hunger.

The Bio Basics Team had arranged for a sumptuous vegan breakfast made of fully organic ingredients. The menu included Onion Utthappams, Vegetable Upma made of broken wheat (Dalia), with spice Sambar and Coconut Chutney as the sides. This was topped with a drink made of ginger sweetened with raw cane sugar, colloquially called Sukku Kaapi (சுக்கு காப்பி)

Inspiration to go Vegan and GM Free

Ramesh Chandran

Mini Vasudevan

The event concluded with some inspiring words from Ramesh Chandran, Founder Director of Bio Basics (on why Be Organic & Buy Organic), followed by Mini Vasudevan, Founder of HAS (on the hidden link between factory farming of animals for meat and Climate Change) and finally Devi Lakshmikutty, Founder Director, Bio Basics (on the looming threat of GM Food in India)

Devi Lakshmikutty

Farm Fresh Food for Home

To prolong the sweetness of the day, participants have an option of buying freshly harvested farm-fresh grapes to take back home.

Media Cover for the Farm Visit

Bio Basics would like to acknowledge Sam Andrews of Simpli-City, for his prompt coverage of the World Environment Day event over the network. You can read the Simpli-City post here

Participants in Bio Basics World Environment Day Organic Farm Visit

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