From Onam to Navaratri!

So the festival season is here, we just finished with Onam and find that Navaratri is knocking on the door.

The colors of Navaratri struck me first while working in Mumbai, preparations begin a few days before Navaratri and the young women circulate a list of nine colors that all of us should wear on each day of Navaratri. Everybody dresses up and many fast during the nine days before going back home to goodies and dandiya!

It is after coming to Tamilnadu that I experienced Golus, the getting together and the wonderful prasadams. It was interesting to note the sandals of different kinds that are prepared. I am sure there must be a seasonal significance as well as some connection to health. I hope to find out more about that. In the meantime, I thought it would be a great idea to have an organic Navaratri with organic sundals and delicious payasam with organic millets and traditional rice.

Celebrate Navaratri with a range of organic sundals made with the (1) black eyed thatta payaru -cow peas, (2)healthy  pasi payaru – green gram whole or golden pasi paruppu-green gram split, (3) the amazingly nutritious kollu – horsegram  (4) the eternal favourite sundal kadalai- bengal gram, (5)the kids’ favourite kabuli chana- chick peas, (6) the reliable kadala paruppu-bengal gram split, (7)the delicious ver kadalai-ground nuts, (8)the adopted pacha pattani- green peas and (9)the versatile rajma beans. ( Image below: Delicious organic groundnuts from our friend’s farm)

organic groundnuts
Delicious organic groundnuts from our friend’s farm

For the payasams prepared with vellam ( jaggery) try the delicious Rajamudi rice or the purplish-black Karuppu kavuni or the semi-polished Uma red raw rice or the fragrant Jeeraga samba or Gandhakasale. All traditional rices have distinctive flavors and also absorb flavours. For the appams try the flavourful mappilai samba red rice flour or maybe even some millet flours ( Samai, thinai, kambu or ragi) for a change! ( Image below: organic rajamudi rice)

Organic Rajamuli Rice

Enjoy the festival season with your little ones with delicious, healthy sundals and payasams!



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