Fruit frazzles…

Right from the beginning, fruits have been our challenge. On one hand, customers used to Washington apples, melons et al are barely happy with our offering of the humble local fruits. In addition, the travails are compounded because we send fruits partly ripe. Some people want them ready to eat, while others want them almost green, farmers want to transport them safely and we keep our fingers crossed, every week, week after week…

It is a struggle for us, as we get fruits only from the select set of organic farmers and if the weather fails them, we do not get them from elsewhere. This week weather failed our custard apple and guava farmer. It rained unexpectedly and she reported yesterday morning that they found the fruit quality to be iffy; so decided not to supply sub-standard seetapalam and guava!  That got me frazzled, wondering what the customers would feel, however, I took a deep breath and decided to let you share in our travails. By choosing to share this journey with Bio Basics and our select team of organic farmers, you have accepted the invitation to share their problems (untimely rains, unexpected dry spells, plant diseases etc.) along with the rewards (delicious, non-toxic,

Sindhuram Mangoes

naturally ripened fruits). So please bear with the farmers, who have to work with unpredictabilities to provide us food every week, week after week….

When we, the consumers, miss fruits one week, it is simply one item missing from our diet, we can always make up next week, whereas, for the farmer, it means much more; he has lost his income on that lot and is worried whether the next lot will also get affected….

We are constantly working with the farmers to bring in more consistency and better standards while accepting the challenge of climate change, that is visibly impacting fruit ripening pattern, fruit maturing period and other problems in the farms. We have to remember that the farmers do not manufacture these fruits; they grow them with the help of nature. This year the mangoes suffered due to summer rains, the papayas and bananas have been taking longer to ripen, and yields of other fruits (seetapalam , koyya) have been unpredictable. However, all these fruits are worth waiting for and we request your understanding for the (sometimes) absence of fruits and other travails!

In addition, we recommend that fruits ripen in your home, in your presence, free from chemical intervention, it might take a day or two more, wrap the fruits in a paper, put them in the rice bin and be patient: it has its sweet rewards!- Devi, Bio Basics


Karpooravali Banana
... and spread the good word!

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