Go Natural this Navaratri

With Navaratri coming up, many of us women are invited for golu/other Navaratri celebrations. At the end of the visit, we are invited to dab a bit of sindoor on our forehead, which we all do as a part of the celebrations.

We don’t even know how the regular sindoor is made and what it is made of and we use it on our skin regularly. The same with kajal, we have no idea what commercial eyeliners contain or what these elements can do to the well being of our eyes, one of our most important organs, with prolonged use. Ironically the original function of Kajal was to soothe the eye, to protect it from infections and then to enhance looks.

So this Navaratri and future Navaratris why don’t we start with offering a naturally made Sindoor? Will you be open to trying the handmade traditional versions using traditional methods and natural ingredients? If so we have just the things for you.

The sindoor we carry from Neev is made from turmeric, lemon juice, borax powder (a naturally occurring mineral available in powdered form), sesame and orange oil. The raw, naturally grown turmeric is soaked in lime juice, along with a tiny quantity of borax powder (to make it more alkaline) to change the colour of turmeric to red. This turmeric is dried, powdered and a little bit of organic oil is added for fragrance and to provide stickiness. Then it is all filtered through the fabric to provide you fine, powdery, red, all-natural sindoor. All these processes are undertaken in a small facility by a trained women’s group. The Kajal again made by the same women’s group is made the slow, traditional way, wicks are burnt using castor oil and the soot is collected on large plates and then mixed with almond oil or sesame oil to provide you the all-natural Kajal.

Personally, I shifted to this kajal about 5 years back, it does suffer the drawback that it can spread more than any other Kajal, but it is really soothing for the eye. Even if we are using the fancy ones ( Sindoor or kajal) for a party, let us use these natural ones for everyday use to protect our eyes and skin. The Sindoor is something I have never used in my life; I reached out to a sticker bindi on the rare occasions that I wore a bindi. Now I am making the effort to make that an orb with this powder, takes effort but I am at it. I seek a little additional help with natural lip balm as a base.

These products are handmade without the use of any chemicals, thereby protecting the environment and us. Almost all these products are made without using any animal products (only the balms use beeswax). These products are not produced in large factories, but in small women-centric enterprises that provide a fair and sustainable livelihood to the women involved.

This festive season is a good time to start on these natural products and many more such products! As we know chemicals are all pervasive in our environment and it is particularly in our body/hair/home care products. Many of us don’t realise the negative impact they have on our health as we use these products with so many toxic chemicals on our skin and eyes, the most sensitive and absorbent organs in our body. This is not counting the damage that is being caused in the production process, the contamination of water bodies, and soil by the runoff.

So you have the four-fold benefit of not harming the environment,  animal and providing livelihoods while taking care of ourselves. Each of them is natural, well made and effective. They use organic/natural ingredients and are handmade in small batches. Go back to the basics for body/hair/homecare. Let us make our buying and our consumption healthy, ecologically and socially sustainable.

Ask us for the full list of products and a primer that gives you the full list of ingredients of all the products! check out the link https://shop.biobasics.org/category/17907/personal-care/ or WhatsApp us at 9790516500– Devi Bio Basics

... and spread the good word!

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