Hair, Face & Body Wash – Back to Basics!

Strangely enough, using powders for hair, face & body wash was the hardest step for me to adopt. This is contrary to most people’s experience, most of who generally are generally comfortable using body/hair care powders. Particularly here the strong tradition of using these powders continues, rightly so. Urban Kerala gave up these wholesome, sustainable powders a few decades ago. The only natural hair wash I used was crushed hibiscus leaves; however, I didn’t like it too much. I quickly moved to chemical shampoos & conditioners.

We went completely organic for food, cleaning agents, shampoos, soaps, lotions etc more than a decade ago. However, the self-care hair, face & body wash powders were a different ball game. I tried various hair care powders, mixed them in water. I found the mix too watery, or too dry, or too less or too much… (never could I get the quantity or consistency right). I found some of them sent me into spasms of sneezing, some others went into my eyes. Once I walked around with red eyes during an important event (to which my better half quipped that the price of sustainability seems to be bloody eyes). I briefly gave up the hair wash experiments and went back to my organic shampoos and conditioners. Then I began again, determined that other than when traveling I will use hair & body wash powders.

Hair, Face & Body Wash
Organic Hair, Face & Body Wash options

Since I began exploring alternate hair, face & body wash products I have come across numerous reports about the fundamentally flawed chemical based skin care and hair care regimen. The problem with these regimens is how they leach out the natural oils from the body and hair, in addition to being toxic and unhealthy.

But their seduction lies in their ease of use, the beautiful ads, and packaging. The fragrance (which we have to go acclimatized to) and the temporary wonderful effect they produce to add to its seducing effect. What we don’t notice is that once we are on that regimen we need to constantly upgrade the care levels to maintain our skin and hair( a plethora of treatments and practices). As Preethi of Krya says, the skin is a vital organ and the best way to care for it is to use season-specific organic oil and to wash it with a grain/herb based cleanser. I have begun this practice and do find it quite effective. According to her, with these gentle cleanser,s there is no need to use a moisturizer, which is my experience too.

On the flip side, bathing using various powders is almost like a juggling act, with a couple of katoris to mix the stubborn powders in. There are moments when I wonder how I got here from my use of toxic face wash squirted out of plastic jars, soaps, shampoos & conditioners. They had such strong chemical fragrance that it wafted around the house. Now I have the wild ideas body wash, with a gentle smell and feel ( with the winter coming up it is non-drying), use a face wash pack from Neev, face wash powder from Krya and soaps from Wild ideas, Neev and Sittilingi (Aruvi).

traditional-Hair, Face & Body Wash-powders-mixed-in-bowl
Body wash powder & Traditional hair wash powder of “Wild Ideas” mixed with water and ready to use

I wish many more of us will try to use these powders, to keep our skin & hair chemical free; water, soil & environment chemical free & stop from breathing and absorbing through our skin the strong toxic, chemicals that are indiscriminately used in commercial hair and body care products. If you need help, tips and more info on the ingredients of these products (which are all natural and a handful as against the long list of chemicals in the normal products) do call/message us. People with skin problems, asthma, and other allergies may want to try eliminating chemicals from their body/hair care products and also cleaning, washing agents, and try these natural alternatives.

Our fear that we can’t sustain it is nota reason not to adopt it, it is like exercising, doing yoga etc we drop it and pick it up again. The same with this;  we will lapse ( for convenience, habit) but the idea is to start again. It isn’t all or nothing if we can reduce the toxic load for 100 days a year, it is better than using toxic products all through the year. Go Powders to be sustainable, healthy & eco-friendly!

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