How to make Dalia Upma healthier

A favorite with many mothers, for a quick and easy breakfast in our childhood (with no noodles or other 2-minute options), dalia upma (also called “lapsi” upma) or sooji rava upma was always at hand. We didn’t favour it for two reasons. Invariably it had to be cleaned before eating as the rava would have got some insects in it and somehow upma connoted something boring that mothers foisted on us when nothing better could be rustled up. Now I find myself enjoying this light, vegetable-filled breakfast. So, out of this experience, I will share here how to make Dalia Upma – the healthy way!

For a family that eats fruit every morning, Sunday mornings are special for cooked breakfasts. So the effort is to have something different every Sunday, except for aloo poha which recurs (with a different poha) as one of us likes it very much. The non-negotiable is the organicity of the home cooked breakfast. The taste of the vegetable is more intense, the food tastes of the ingredients and doesn’t need to be covered up with lots of spices to be tasty

Almost all our home meals are completely organic, except a rare ingredient or two we may not have. Which tells us that it is eminently possible in most towns in India to be fully organic, all we need to do is look around and be committed to buying it. This requires us to cultivate a mindset to Be Organic …only then we will Buy Organic

For years we couldn’t get organic wheat dalia so we made do without it, now that we have it, we are enjoying it. Wheat Dalia with an equal amount of vegetables and nuts to provide the taste and look. I hate breaking down my breakfast into carbs, proteins, fat, minerals, makes it seem very clinical. Instead, I like to think of tastes as Ayurveda suggests- sweet, salty, sour, astringent, bitter, umami… This Dalia /vegetable combination maybe has only the three elements of sweet, salty & umami…but it is eminently enjoyable…

How to make Dalia Upma

Preparation time – 30 minutes


1 cup of broken wheat Dalia/lapsi
1.5 cups of various vegetables including onions, tomatoes.
1/4 cup of grated coconut and peanut ( optional, you can do with one nut )


Saute the onions and vegetables, keep it aside and cook the dalia in two cups of water and mix everything, garnish with toasted peanuts and grated coconuts. So, the “how to make dalia upma” is actually quite simple.

Pro-tip :

Have it with organic raw cane sugar if you like it sweet or a chutney if you like it spicy !! Make it with a small quantity of organic cold pressed oil or organic ghee.

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