Bio Basics sources genuine organic products like organic fruits, organic vegetables and other groceries like organic cold pressed oil, organic whole grains, rice and dals, directly from farmers and delivers them to your doorstep. You can order organic food online, by email, or even by WhatsApp.

We source our products from over 100 organic farmers and farmer groups who are into organic farming for at least three years or more and have been verified directly by us through a three-step verification process. Many of our organic farmers are also certified. Therefore, you can rest be assured that the products you get from Bio Basics are genuinely organic.

We currently support organic food online home delivery for metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and also various Tier II & Tier III cities & towns in most states in India.

Our unique product range of organic groceries include Jaggery, Raw Cane Sugar, Whole Pulses & Dals (with and without skin), over 25 indigenous and traditional rice varieties like Mappillai Samba, Ponni, Garudan Samba, etc. both as Parboiled Rice & Raw Rice, as Unpolished Red Rice or Semi-polished Brown Rice. Other unique offerings include Puffed Rice and a wide range of beaten rice (Poha) made of both rice and millets. Our Cold-pressed Oils are extracted from organically grown nuts that are sun-dried naturally, without the use of any chemicals.

How to order Organic Food Online:

  1. Register with Bio Basics here – Sign up
  2. Visit our Online Store and place an instant order
  3. Alternatively, receive Product List regularly by email. Place your Order (by Email or WhatsApp)
  4. Receive delivery at your doorstep

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Why choose Organic Food?

For your Children & Your sake…

In our present food supply system, chemicals are used right from seed sowing to growth, from harvest to storage and even during transportation in the forms of fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives and food processing agents. Most of the modern-day foods are highly refined (but nutrition-starved) – like polished white rice, white sugar, maida, refined and blended oils, etc…

Besides, the food we eat is no longer local or seasonal; It is transported over long distances and even imported from even across the oceans. This necessitates refrigeration, additional processing, and the addition of more chemicals.

It is hardly a surprise that diseases like diabetes, heart ailments and cancer are on the rise.

The way out? Choose nutritious whole foods, organically produced and safely delivered to your home.

For our Farmer’s sake…

The farmer who produces the food often only gets a very small amount of what you pay for the food. When you pick and choose for aesthetically “good looking” fruits and vegetables, you indirectly pressurize the farmer to use more chemicals to avoid the risk of blemishes and loss of aesthetics.

To top it all, we all want cheap food also.

The end result – many farmers are trapped in debt. No farmer today wants his children to take on farming as a livelihood.

It is hardly a surprise that farmers are also becoming victims of cancer and other diseases because they have been affected by the chemicals they use for the fields. And because of their low-income coupled with the debt-trap, suicide seems to be the only way out of indebtedness.

The way out? Make food choices that protect our farmers’ livelihood.

For our Planet’s sake…

The chemicals used in agriculture have extensively contaminated the air, soil, and water. To the extent that in Antarctica (where these chemical have never ever been used), the bodies of penguins have pesticide traces today.

Besides, modern agricultural practices result in increased “Water Footprint“. And by wanting food out of season from around the world, we have significantly increased our “Food Miles“. Exporting food also results in export of “Virtual Water” (also called “Embedded / Embodied Water”), and necessitates the use of Ozone Depleting Substances like CFCs, HFCs & HCFCs for refrigeration.

The way out? Make food choices that also protect Mother Nature.

Why Bio Basics?

Bio Basics was launched in April 2015 as a social enterprise with a mission to work for the well-being of the environment, farmers, and consumers.

We work to create a market for safe, organic, whole foods by educating consumers while making it easy for them to order and access safe food. The organic food online is a service offered to make this access easier.

Bio Basics is led by five professionals aiming to create a social, and environmental impact. Our staff is a young team, which runs daily operations & sales efforts. We are supported by several well-wishers, farmers, advisors, activists, and investors.