Organic Kuruva Rice – A Traditional Red Rice of Kerala

Organic Kuruva Rice – It’s History & Geography

Burgundy colour, small, roundish, glistening on the plate is Kuruva rice, a traditional red rice from Kerala. This organic Kerala rice is sourced by Bio Basics, from a single farm.

According to our expert on Kerala rice Lenish, it is believed that Kuruva rice was originally one of the red rice grown in Tamil Nadu during the short paddy Kuruva season (that is from May to August depending on short summer rains).

Karuva rice - uncooked form

The variety that might have migrated to red rice loving Kerala through Palakkad is now grown by enthusiastic organic farmers in Palakkad, Thrissur, Malappuram and Kozhikode.

According to Illias and Sreeja who grow it, “It is an attractive variety for farmers as it is drought tolerant, has a relatively short growth duration of 110 days and a fairly good amount of straw (for cattle).”

kuruva rice cultivation

It is a tasty and beautiful looking rice, wine red in colour, good to consume both as parboiled and raw rice and also as flour, the Kanji water is absolutely amazing ( will beat soups hollow)

Kerala Kuruva rice kanji water

Tempt your palate with this red rice, feed your body and let more farms grow this rice that feeds the land, holds up to climate change and feeds cattle.

How to cook Kuruva Rice

  • Soak before cooking,
  • Cook with water in 1:3.5 proportion.
  • In a pressure cooker, keep for three whistles on high flame folloed by another four on low flame.
  • Remember red rice is cooked and ready to eat when the rice opens up like a pink-hued flower!!

Buy  Organic Kuruva Rice

Bio Basics offers organic unpolished Kuruva Rice as part of our wide range of Traditional Rice Varieties

Try Kuruva Rice TODAY!

Kerala karuva cooked rice.

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