Muesli Magic with Millet Poha!

The Millet Muesli Brainwave

Sometime back I got into a phase of wanting to eat mueslis after enjoying a new brand of muesli. As I have gone off milk since about 7 years, with that went out muesli, oats and cornflakes. Even otherwise cornflakes nowadays is so full of sugar and the corn is more likely to be genetically modified than not, if imported, so that is more than enough reason to put me off corn flakes. So I thought why not try rice and millet muesli. Since rice and millet avals are like oats in consistency they would be a good replacement for oats, except that oats keeps for longer without going rancid…

This is how the experiment went. The ingredients used are : 50 gms each of nattu kambu aval (pearl millet flakes), irungu solam aval ( red sorghum flakes), mappilai samba rice aval ( red rice flakes), 50 gms of badam chopped small( almonds) , 50 gms of raisins, 50 gms of white sesame.

I roasted the the two millet avals together till they felt crisp with a spoon of organic coconut oil, roasted the MS rice aval, which retained its chewy texture ( making it mimic oats) and roasted the sesame and the chopped almonds, again separately using a spoon of organic coconut oil, mixed all the roasted ingredients along with raisins. The team tried out this mueseli  with milk with three different sweeteners: organic nattu sakkarai ( raw cane sugar), chocolate drops ( not available organically, it should have been organic cocoa nibs which we are trying to find)  and organic honey. This would also go well with the new palm sugar that is available. After the mixture cools down put it in a steel or glass container and refrigerate.

The other ingredients that could have been used are flax seeds, ground nuts, pumpkin seeds and maybe pori ( puffed rice). Also it could have been prepared using a micro wave oven instead of roasting on a kadai ( since I do not use a microwave I will not be able to suggest the roasting times).

The advantages; it is a quick and easy organic muesli and works out cheaper than shop bought muesli. It contains all healthy ingredients and you can sweeten it as you like. Keep it refrigerated to increase its shelf life; make it a fun activity for your children to make their own muesli!


... and spread the good word!

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