Make the pretty red grains a part of your daily meal, as the much-maligned red rice is actually a healthy choice

idli made with red rice
idli made with red rice

“Try it,” I urge my friend, who is skeptical of making idlis with red rice. She is of the school that believes that rice leads to weight gain and causes diabetes. I send her some ponmani red rice and ask her to make idlis. “Three is to one if you are using a mixer; four is to one if it is a grinder,” I advise.

Idli made with red rice  

She grumbles a bit saying no one at home likes it and that the grain is too bold and it takes too long to cook… the list of complaints is interminable. But she makes the idlis and I have a convert.

She is not alone in her misconceptions about rice. Many people think rice is the fount of lifestyle diseases. But it is not. The culprit is not the rice, but the kind we eat. We polish it and strip it of its bran and process it so much that most of its minerals and vitamins are lost.

Red rice had sort of disappeared from my table too. It made its second appearance into my life in my mid-30s. As a young child, I ate red rice grown by my great-grandmother. She sent us freshly milled rice once every two months.

Mapillai Samba rice hindu article
The grains of the mapillai samba

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Red rice hindu article
Article in Hindu
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