Referral Credits Program

If you have found the products and services offered by Bio Basics of value for yourself and your family, you may like to refer Bio Basics to your friends and relatives.

We have introduced a simple mechanism to share a referral link. Read on to find out how to find your referral link and share it.

As an acknowledgement of your efforts, Bio Basics will reciprocate both you and your referred contact with Loyalty Credits. As soon as your friend registers on Bio Basics Online Store

  1. You (the referrer) will receive 20 Loyalty Credits for every successful registration
  2. Your friend (the referred) will receive 50 Loyalty Credits (one-time)

This program is available to all users who have signed up on Bio Basics Online Store.

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  1. How do I Register on Bio Basics Online Store?
  2. How do I refer a friend to Bio Basics?
  3. Can I get Loyalty Credits in any other way?
  4. How do I check my credits accumulated?
  5. How do I redeem my Credits?

How do I Register on Bio Basics Online Store

Please note:
  1. Only registered users on Bio Basics Online Store can participate in the Referral Program
  2. Sign up on the Online Store is separate and different from sign up for the “Safe Food Movement”.

If you have not yet signed up and registered with our store, you can start by clicking here or going to Bio Basics Online Store and clicking on the “Sign Up” link.

How do I refer a friend to Bio Basics?

Just follow these steps:
  1. Step 1: Login to Bio Basics Online Store 

  1. Step 2: Visit “My Profile”

  1. Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the Profile page. Copy your unique referral link.

  1. Step 4: Share it with your near and dear through email, WhatsApp or SMS

Can I get Loyalty Credits from Bio Basics in any other way?

Apart from Referral Credits, you can also get Loyalty Credits for every order you place with Bio Basics after signing in to the Online Store.

You can find out more about the Loyalty Credits Program of Bio Basics by clicking this link.

How do I check my credits accumulated?

All Loyalty Credits you accumulate will become part of the “Store Credits” linked to your registered account.

You may also have some store credits added to your account in case of an occasional stockout during packing of your order for which you have made advance payment. This process will be handled by our Customer Relationshi Manager.

Store Credits will also include credits you get as part Referral Credits Program.

The steps to check Store Credits are as follows:

Step 1: Login to the Bio Basics Online Store.

2. Step 2: Visit “My Profile”

3. Step 3: You will see “My Credits” at the top right of the Profile Page

How do I redeem my Credits accumulated?

You can redeem your accumulated credits against a new order you place for organic products from Bio Basics

For redemption, te conversion rate for credits is 1 Store Credit = ₹ 1/-

Please do note that redemption of credits are subject to a few criteria:

  • Your order value should be more than ₹ 750/-
  • You can redeem 100% your accumulated credit points if the value of the credits is less than 25% of the order value.
  • In case the number of credits accumulated exceeds 25% of the order value, you can redeem a maximum of only 25% of the order value. This will be clear from the following example.
  Order Value Available Credits Redeemable Balance Credits
Example 1 ₹ 1000/- 200 200 0
Example 2 ₹ 1000/- 300 250 50
Example 3 ₹ 1500/- 300 300 0


  • The balance of credits will be available for you to redeem against any subsequent orders.
The process of redeeming credits is as follows:

Step 1: Login to the Bio Basics Online Store.

Step 2: Add items to your cart and “Checkout”

Step 3: Fill out delivery address details and click on “Continue to Payment”

Step 4: Tick the checkbox to redeem points and then click on “Place Order”