Salad in a tulip bowl

Colours in my plate

Our lunch salad today, the colours were so bright that I thought I will post it. The tulips on the bowl and the colours of the salad made my day. Inspired by the Kosanbari salad popular in Karnataka and Maharashtra this is made with soaked moong dal ( green gram without skin). The moong dal has to be soaked for about two hours. In this case what happened was that the moong was roasted for making dal( the traditional Kerala preparation) and while I had turned to check something else, leaving the roasting dal on the stove some of it burnt to the crisp. That’s what you see as the black flecks in there.

My colourful salad in the tulip bowl


Unlike the traditional Kosambari I did not do tadka, just added chopped up cucumber, carrot, capsicum and coriander ( cilantro) leaves. Then  seasoned it with freshly ground pepper, a pinch of salt and couple of spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It could do with some roasted peanuts or fresh grated coconut as well and a little bit of raw cane sugar.On the vegetables side, grated pumpkin or semi ripe papaya and  some greens could have been used if cucumber or capsicum is not available.

Hand crafted porcelein

What made me nostalgic and want to take a picture were the tulips in the porcelain salad bowl. This bowl is part of series of handmade porcelain bowls from my friend, the porcelain potter and artist, Thomas De Roo, handcrafted by him in his studio in The Hague. I have spent many cold, wintry afternoons (most of the year it is cold in the Netherlands) in the studio in the centre of The Hague. Also tried my hand at doing some pottery painting, which I enjoyed immensely. I have watched him on the wheel on many afternoons. Gently handling the pots while in biscuit stage, stacking the pots in the oven , painting them, glazing them and then arranging them in the studio and preparing for shows- packing, unpacking, describing the pots to people. I have been there when he lost a whole batch due to a problem with the oven and also when he got large orders to paint and craft things he loves. ( among the many pieces crafted by Thomas we possess, this is his kindren series)

Teas from my garden in Thomas’s cups

Teas from my garden in Thomas’s cups


The effort that goes into being an artist/craftsperson who makes objects with his/her own hands is tremendous. In this day and age when it is not appreciated and sometimes even devalued, it takes even more courage to continue doing it. Salute to Thomas and crafts-persons and artists from around the world for continuing to create beauty and utility. Check out his website here, it is all in dutch 🙂 but the images don’t have a language. .


January 25th, 2018



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