Tea- Beyond just an addiction



Often tea becomes an addition. A mid-afternoon ‘pick me up’ some just can’t live without. But tea is not only about a hot drink- it is about a feeling, it is about holding that hot cup between our palms, the drink going down the throat and memories associated with it. When we gave up milk tea that is what I missed the most, sitting together in companionship and having that hot drink over conversation.

Slowly we moved to herbal teas and realised a different kind of pleasure- trying different varieties of herbs, ranging from interesting to bitter to scintillating.

Soon it became an adventure to have the teas from my garden- to see what other inconspicuous herb can brew into the finest of concoctions!
Here’s an article I wrote about how quitting the conventional tea lead to some of my favourite brews from our backyard-

Herba;l Tea Ingridients

Having these them in cups that I love collecting is a big part of the ritual now- The cream colour set, for instance, is from Thomas Roo’s @basalt studio. Thomas, a friend, specialises in porcelain, in whose studio I spent hours on rainy Dutch afternoons watching
him throwing the pots, drinking herbal teas and eyeing what next to buy & learning to paint on ceramics.

The beautiful blue cups are from the Taj Tea House in Mumbai where I had a lovely breakfast with couple of lovely people @sanaavasi. Every time I pick up these cups my mind goes back to that breakfast and conversation.
Herbal Tea & Ginger Tea
Choosing #HerbalTea is a great way to make your #TeaTime more mindful. A reason to get into gardening, collect artisanal mugs, make healthier choices. Let your tea become more than addiction, let it become a link with memories, with plants, with gardens, with potters, and with family.

From us to you some images of our teas with our memories… πŸ™‚

... and spread the good word!

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