I was first introduced to Bio Basics by some close friends very active in environmental conservation. When I met Devi & Ramesh, I was impressed by their humility, sincerity and efforts to support local farmers by responsibly sourcing organic products.

Today, many products are labelled “organic” as simple marketing gimmicks, and consumers can never truly be certain if what they buy is indeed organic. With Bio Basics, I am assured that I’m getting produce that is not genetically altered or chemically treated, and it makes a big difference.

They recently had a seasonal run of avocados, which were the best I’ve had in India thus far. Even their carrots taste better than what you get in the market. They don’t always have stock of what you want, which to me, is further evidence of adherence to natural seasonal patterns without exploitation of resources. It’s worth a slightly extra cost to know I’m not only helping support an important cause but also keeping myself healthy!