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Thank you for choosing to Be Organic & Buy Organic

The Bio Basics Team would like to thank you for signing in, and choosing to become a part of the Safe Food Movement; to “Be Organic” and “Buy Organic”.

These choices you make will not just benefit you, your children and your family, but also has a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of the many organic farmers belonging to the Bio Basics network, and their families. Even beyond that, your safe food choices will reduce the negative impact that current agricultural practices are having on the environment.

Based on the selections you made in filling out the form, you will receive Information / educational messages related to organic & safe food, eating healthy, food adulteration. etc.and intimations related to the Bio Basics range of genuine organic products and related offers over email, SMS and WhatsApp.

We at Bio Basics value your privacy. So, please be rest assured that we will never overwhelm you with our messages or mails. We are guided by our Privacy Policy in this regard.

Be Organic

Buy Organic