The mango with a beak

An article from Devi of Bio Basics in  ‘The Hindu’, April 20, 2018.  On memories of totapuri aka kilimooku maanga

I first fell in love with these mangoes when we moved to Mumbai two decades ago. The hour-long daily commute made a quick evening snack at the local railway station necessary. The totapuri, sliced and arranged enticingly on the plate, with bright red chilli powder sprinkled atop, was irresistible. I would invariably ask for the bhel puri as well, with chopped mango giving it a distinct flavour.

totapuri mango pickle recipe
The Hindu article

Another unforgettable experience was my first aam panna, a cooling Maharashtrian drink made from raw mangoes. On that hot day, I drank the refreshing concoction made by women who had pulped the uncooked green totapuri with sugar, mint, and roasted and powdered cumin.

That was the day I decided this was my mango.

In season, kilimooku mangoes go into almost everything we make at home. Starting with the chutney made with coconut, pepper and curry leaves — what else can you expect from somebody born and brought up in Kerala? — right to the raw pieces on a plate.

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