The Month of Millet Flours

Millet flours and mixed millet flours are a popular category of products for all of us who are trying to introduce or incorporate millets into our diet.

Organic Millet Flours

Millets despite their recent upsurge in popularity, are somewhat an alien and a difficult product for most of us urbanites. Many of us are struggling to find interesting foods to prepare with millets and quick ways to integrate them into our meal plans .

That’s where millet flours and mixed flours come in. All these are great to have as breakfast or dinner porridge. They are quick to prepare – barely takes 5 minutes – and requires no cutting, washing, pressure cooking and the likes.

Add the pre roasted flours to water, stir to remive lumps, cook slowly over fire while stirring and you are done.

Add nuts, sweeteners, dry fruits, chopped fruits , milk or butter milk… and you are ready with a quick meal.

Make the porridge watery, or if you like, have a thick, hot, soupy drink .

The health advantage of these millet flours is that they have high fibre and nutriet content, is filling, and wholesome.

These millets are grown in low water regions, processed by women, providing them a fair livelihood. The mixed millet formulations have been prepared by doctors keeping in mind the nutritional requirements.

The two single millet flours (Ragi or Finger Millet & Bakra or Pearl Millet) are sprouted, dried and roasted before powdering.

Sprouted Finger Millet FoodSprouted Pearl Millet Food

These millet flours are a great example of quick, healthy, tasty and wholesome food… you should definitely try them.

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