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Rice is life – Uma red rice

I love traditional rice varieties which are healthy and tasty, and explore, search them out and try a wide range. However, I must confess to loving a few improved varieties of rices. These varieties have been developed by agriculture scientists on their fields with repeated trials, selecting desirable traits through multiple iterations the old fashioned way, growing the plants season after season. These are not hybrids or genetically modified or using any gene editing techniques. The farmers take these seeds and are able to save the seed. Many farmers feel that the seeds saved and grown on their soil have attained their own particular traits & taste. They are the result of old fashioned breeding. Uma red rice is one such variety I love! I know one of the people who worked on Uma rice variety , an amazing women scientist, so passionate about rice research and rice varieties and farmers. That makes me feel even more connected to the variety.

uma rice

Using Uma Rice  Many possibilities…

In terms of cooking and eating quality, it is soft and has a nice mouthfeel and cooks quite easily. It is a healthy and tasty rice, so it is for a good reason that Uma is one of the most popular red rices in Kerala. It is great as par boiled and raw rice. I love it as table rice, it is fantastic for Kanji and Uma raw rice makes a mean katti payasam and pongal. The par boiled rice can be used for dosa batter and the raw rice is good for paella. Also the rice kanji ( the gruel without the cooked rice) along with pickle is an amazing drink.

uma raw rice katti payasam

Uma Organic Rice from Bio Basics

The organic Uma rice that we carry comes from a single farm like in the case of most of our rices, making the rice quality and taste consistent. It is offered semi polished, because that is most suitable form for regular eating. The par boiled rice is processed in-farm, boiled the old fashioned way in large vats and then dried and taken to a local mill for milling.

According to organic paddy farmer Sadhasivan, ” Uma is a good variety to grow; it is of 135 days duration and grows well during both seasons- kharif and rabi . It doesn’t lodge, making harvesting easier and if grown in season along with neighbouring farms it doesn’t face pest problems”.

paddy field during transplanting

The parboiled rice is ready to use a few weeks after harvest, whereas the raw rice is ready for processing only after the paddy has been aged at least for six months. Aged rice is supposed to be better for health. Try this lovely healthy and tasty rice , you will come back for more…

Ready to try ir?

You can buy the Uma par boiled rice here: & the Uma raw rice here:

uma parboiled rice

Preparation time: Par boiled rice requires 1:4 water and 4-5 whistles in a pressure cooker and raw rice can be cooked in a vessel with 1:4 water.

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