Coconut Cold-pressed Oil

Coconut Cold-pressed Oil

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  • 100% natural

  • Free of chemicals

  • Unrefined

  • Multipurpose oil

Made from organically grown coconuts, Bio Basic’s cold-press coconut oil can be used for cooking and also for deep frying. This oil is used a lot in traditional Kerala cooking. Keralites like to pour raw coconut oil as the last step in preparing a dish. Since the oil is not heated this step enhances the flavour of the dish while retaining all its nutritive value. In addition to cooking, the oil is good for the skin, hair, and for oil pulling and treatment of ulcers.Many people like to have 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in the morning. They say it improves memory and for older people, it helps slow down dementia or age-related memory problems.


The Story

Bio Basics sources organic cold-pressed coconut oil from two farms. Both are organically certified farmers - one has been organic for 25 years and the other for almost a decade. These farmers use coconuts organically cultivated on their homestead or procured from neighbouring organic veteran farmers. The coconuts are dried in a solar dryer or in the sun without using any chemicals in the drying process. The oil is pressed fresh in small batches, as and when we require it. The farmers use exclusive organic rotary mills to press the oil, which means, no other oils are pressed in these mills. The rotary mills run at a very low speed (16 rpm) which ensures that the oil does not get heated up. Once it is pressed, the oil is filtered using a gada cloth and kept in the sun for the sediments to settle down. It is then poured out and supplied to us. The oil that we get from this process is much thicker and richer than refined oil and more aromatic.


Health Benefits

  • Improves immunity
  • Good for digestion
  • Great for dry skin and hair fall
  • Improves dental health

Storage instructions

  • Our cold-pressed coconut oil will stay fresh for 6-9 months if it is not exposed to moisture.
  • The oil comes to you in a plastic bottle only for transportation purposes.
  • We suggest you transfer the oil into a glass or steel container that has a tight-fitting lid.
  • Commercial oils go through a process of refining, bleaching and deodorising to increase their shelf life.
  • Since cold-pressed raw oil does not go through this process, they remain fresh for a shorter time.

How to

  • Use a larger container for storing the oil and transfer the oil into a small container for regular use. This way the bigger container is not constantly opened or exposed to moisture and air.

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