Little Millet (Raw)

Little Millet (Raw)
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Little Millet (Raw)

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  • Rich in effective antioxidants, iron and dietary fibre
  • Highly nutritious, does not contain gluten
  • Organic and 100% natural

Little millet (Panicum Sumatrense) is one of the fast-growing, short-span cereals having the capacity to withstand both waterlogging and drought. It is one of the principal millet crops grown for consumption. Due to interest in health and wellness, nutritious grains like little millet are fast gaining in popularity.
Little millet is a hulled grain, which means that it has an outer covering like in paddy rice that must be removed to get the edible grain, which is called little millet rice. The millet with bran intact is unpolished little millet rice and if polished is called polished little millet rice.
The prime reason behind the popularity of little millet rice is its rich nutrition content. It is popular among farmers because of its short growing season and fairly robust nature making it pest resistant and climate resilient. It has a fairly long history in the Indian kitchens and cuisines. It has a slightly toasted flavor with nutty undertones. The raw unpolished little millet rice is round and a has a beige or dirty white colour. Samai (as it is called in Tamil) or little millet has high nutritional value and is a must-have grain in a balanced diet.
Little millet is the smallest among all millet grains and a good rice replacement for white rice. It is a soft millet rice and easy to consume. So reach for it if you want a healthy alternative to white rice but want that feeling of eating white rice.

The Story

Bio Basics procures raw little millet rice from two certified organic farmer collectives in Tamil Nadu. One is in Harur, and the other is in Pudukkottai. The little millet grown by the farmers in the collectives is cleaned, sun dried and hulled in the milling facility of the collectives that process the organically grown grain without polishing it. This leaves the bran intact making the organic little millet rice from Bio Basics highly nutritious. The little millet Bio Basics offers is unpolished and of a beige-brown color. It's not entirely white.


  • Little millet contains a high percentage of dry insoluble fibre, with low GI. It helps digestion at a slow pace and with the regulated release of glucose in the bloodstream and is an ideal choice for diabetic patients.
  • Little Millet is beneficial for liver disease. heart burn, indigestion & menstrual problems
  • Little Millet is rich in antioxidants like phenolic compounds, tannins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. It is also recommended for people with cardiovascular conditions and arthritis.
  • Little millet contains phosphorus. It is good for weight loss and to recouping energy after workouts.


  • After opening the packet, transfer it into an airtight container. You can store it in a dark, moisture-free area. It will increase the shelf life.
  • If you are not going to use it regularly, you may want to refrigerate it to avoid
  • Little millet with bran can go rancid after a period.

Alternate Name and Name in Other Languages

English Little Millet
Hindi Kutki/ Shavan
Bengali Kangani/ Sama
Malayalam Chama
Kashmiri Ganuhar
Tamil Samai
Gujarati Gajro/ Kuri
Kannada Same
Odia Suan
Punjabi Swank
Marathi Sava/ Halvi/Vari
Telugu Samalu


To cook in an open vessel:

  • Wash and rinse the little millet rice. Soak for half an hour to two hours.

  • Take the required amount of little millet rice and water in 1:2 proportion for a fluffy texture.

  • If you need it well cooked add water in 1:2.5 proportion

  • Cook on a medium flame and with the lid partly closed.

  • Once it starts boiling, reduce the flame.

  • After 10 -15 minutes, or until the water is fully absorbed

To cook in a pressure cooker:

  • Take the required amount of little millet rice and water in 1:2 proportion.

  • Put on the flame and wait for the first whistle.

  • Reduce the flame after the first whistle.

  • After the second whistle, put the flame off.

  • Avoid opening the lid of the pressure cooker immediately, and wait a few minutes to rest the cooked grains.

Fluff the cooked little millet rice with a fork to avoid formation of lumps. You can consume it as an alternative to rice along with all Indian curries or make other dishes that is usually prepared with rice.

Usage recommendations: table rice, pulav, khichri, tomato rice, curd rice. Add along with rice to idli/dosa batter

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional information  
  Approximate value per 100gm
Carbohydrates 67g
Protein 7.7g
Fat 4.7g
Energy 341 Kcal
Crude fiber 7.6mg
Calcium 17mg
Phosphorous 220mg
Iron 9.3mg

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