Celebrating red rice on #worldfoodday2022 !

Red rice,
the most precious,
the most delicious,
the most wholesome ,
the most climate resilient
Good for us and the planet
A taste worth cultivating!
A crop worth conserving !

Rices with a red bran layer , but even after full milling the grain will retain a tinge of red colour and will never become fully white
Bran contains anthocyanins, polyphenols & anti oxidant properties
Containing 2-3 times the zinc & iron content of white rices
High fibre, provides high satiety

Many of the traditional varieties found in South India are red rices, traditionally eaten, giving health, taste & satiety .

Versatile, wholesome , our real rice heritage
Glutinous , non-glutinous
Short or long grained
Non scented or scented

Featuring some stars :

Thondi, kuruva, raktashali, Paddy of raktashali

Bio Basics loves it's red rices , all grown organically, aged and processed in small batches in local small mills , parboiled in farms or the mills, many single origins,

And we invite you to taste them and then never want to give up !
Tell us your favourite red rice, what do you like about it ?


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