Celebrating the Ordinary

 The young members of Bio Basics that make the venture throb with life. ( Our youngsters on delivery day morning, in between their hectic activity)

As we move into the last week of the year it is time for reflection, introspection and looking ahead to new resolutions. The last year has been busy for the Bio Basics Bunch, challenging and exciting all at the same time. We realized that for people to adopt organic, whole and seasonal foods a lot of awareness is required. This is not merely about shifting from non-organic food to its organic counterpart. It is about changing one’s idea of what is fresh, what is good and what is real! It takes constant reinforcement and repeated sharing of information, knowledge, and experiences for all of us continue on this path of eating and living sustainably!

We appreciate all of you for responding, understanding and engaging with us and supporting our farmers. We are grateful to our farmers who have gone through a tough year with the drought and other climate problems, yet are holding out with the perseverance that only people working with land and nature have. We salute the extraordinary within the ordinary…

On the Bio Basics front we have added many more wonderful foods and non-food items, from trusted farmers and farmer groups, met many farmers and are building a young team. Getting trusted organic food and supporting organic farmers is not merely about finding consumers, sourcing or growing this food. It also needs committed young hands and hearts to work week after week, delivery day after delivery day to interact with farmers and all of you, make the connections, carry out the task involved in matching the needs of the people to what farmers can grow and process.

These young people of the Bio Basics Bunch, who have chosen to work for organic farmers (with Bio Basics and many others working in organic farms and with similar ventures) leaving aside more lucrative options, are our heroes, along with our eternal heroes – the farmers and the citizens who live their life in engagement with farms and nature. At Bio Basics, our very young team comes in at 7 am twice a week, stays till 9 pm a couple of days, do physical work in addition to working with computers and make do with less money than their peers. They have at this young age learned to empathize with farmers, appreciate farming, revere nature and respect food. We may be mentoring them, but in many ways, they are our gurus. They are the harbingers of future; personification of our hope that the harm done to nature will be undone!

The very ordinariness of these young people in the Bio Basics Bunch is what makes them extraordinary. Today at the cusp of 2017 we salute and celebrate the extraordinariness of these ordinary young people who have set out to help farming and farmers, undoing the harm we have done to nature and   creating a sustainable future for all of us.

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