Curry Leaves Rice

This here is the flavour of summer and nostalgia. Karuvepillai Sadam (Curry leaves rice) is a Tamilnadu favourite. Dry roasted curry leaves, dals, spices, coconut and a bit of puli ground together for the perfect Karuvepillai/Curry leaves podi. Mixed in with hot white thuy

The curry leaves come from our garden. Amidst all the falling, a particular plant has been thriving. The dals and spices from our wonderful, dedicated organic farmers. This glorious green powder is great for dosas, idli, with rice...the possibilities are truly endless. But today, it was destined to be Curry leaf podi rice.

We made our rice  with Thuyamalli cooked to perfection & a finishing touch of roasted cashews to indulge. Here’s the recipe for you!

Thuyamalli, an indigenous white rice of Tamilnadu. This rice is traditionally linked to a lot of health benefits & is great for the digestive system. It is also tasty and very easy to cook! Fun Fact - This rice is named after the grains resembling jasmine buds. Thuya = pure/white Malli- Jasmine flowers. Bio Basics’ thuyamlli comes from a farmer group in Pudukkottai. It is grown, processed without any chemical intervention. We offer this wonderful traditional rice comes in raw, parboiled, semi-polished & unpolished form. It is great for variety tices like this or as an everyday table rice. 

Try this rice here 


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