How to prevent cancer with food

As each festival season passes by, I get more disheartened on the one hand and slightly hopeful on the other.

Despite the worst of air quality, the people of Delhi burst as many crackers as they do every year, taking the air quality to abysmal levels. The Diwali gift packing had so much plastic wrapping despite the huge anti-plastic campaigns. Makes me wonder whether human hubris has reached such levels that we don’t even recognise the destruction we are causing to the basis of our own existence.

However, it is not all gloom and doom. A public funded government study from France has found that people who eat organic food regularly may have 25% less cancer diagnosis; simply showing how to prevent cancer with food – or that there are some foods that prevent cancer

Of course, many more such studies are required. However, most of us who consume organic food do see better health indicators. But it is nice to see research supporting our own experiences that choice of certain foods can prevent cancer.

I quote from the New York Times post: “Now a new French study that followed 70,000 adults, most of them women, for five years has reported that the most frequent consumers of organic food had 25 per cent fewer cancers overall than those who never ate organic. Those who ate the most organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and other foods had a particularly steep drop in the incidence of lymphomas and a significant reduction in postmenopausal breast cancers……

Since people who eat organic food tend to be health-conscious and may benefit from other healthful behaviours, and also tend to have higher incomes and more years of education than those who don’t eat organic, the researchers made adjustments to account for differences in these characteristics, as well as such factors as physical activity, smoking, use of alcohol, a family history of cancer and weight.

Even after these adjustments, the most frequent consumers of organic food had 76% fewer lymphomas, with 86% fewer non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas, and a 34% reduction in breast cancers that develop after menopause. The reductions in lymphomas may not be all that surprising. Epidemiological studies have consistently found a higher incidence of some lymphomas among people like farmers and farm workers who are exposed to certain pesticides through their work.”

It is organic foods that prevent cancer.Add to that the fact that organic food is also more nutritious.

So, in short, eat organic.

We have nothing to lose by doing it and definitely a lot to gain! And you have one more answer on how to prevent cancer with food. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”.

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