Kalan Recipe

Onam may be over but Kaalan never goes out of fashion. It is a speciality dish that Kerala households make for sadyas but can easily become your new favourite!


Kaalan is made so meticulously in stone kalchattis that it is kept for the four days of Onam. In days when refrigerators were not something we knew about, this was a blessing. If you have a penchant for Kerala cuisine and a passion for cooking - Kaalan is just the dish for you. This particular recipe comes from our customer and friend-  @sindgops Sindhu Gopinath.


Sindhu is committed to eating organic and also to eating food from her region. She tries out the diverse grains originating in South India.

 Many thanks to Sindhu for taking the time to put together this wonderful Kaalan recipe of hers and sharing it with us all!

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