Seeded emmer wheat sourdough made with our emmer wheat flour

All organic breakfast, seeded emmer wheat sourdough made with our emmer wheat flour baked by @5xfoods

Arabind, baker, friend, bread lover diligently gets the emmer wheat from Bio Basics . This organically grown emmer wheat comes from Sangli Maharashtra and Arabind gets it freshly ground to make the sourdough loaves every week. .The emmer wheat comes from two neighbouring farmers in Sangli, organically grown, stored naturally hulled fresh, cleaned and dried by us and then freshly milled and the sourdough bread is baked by Arabind in his wood fired oven. He has his views about every batch of wheat, he watches it , checks its flavour, texture and its risability through the seasons. If you are in Coimbatore you must try out these amazing sourdough loaves & batards. The seeded batard is featured here with guacamole with fresh avocados from Ooty ( do you know that avocado season is from June to August).

The batard, which is free form, is baked on the oven floor and the loaves get baked inside the bread tin. There are loaf lovers and batard lovers. I love the free form batard. And the fact that it is baked in a wood fired oven, which adds to my sense of happiness. Having said that I am not saying that it is the only way, but do love the amazing woodfired oven that Arabind uses.  It is a debate whether doing it the hard way is the only way, currently with everything heritage being valorised and hand pounded and hand made making a come back, this is a minefield. I guess at the artisanal baking or cooking level it is interesting however, when it comes to livelihood farming, I am all for intermediate technology which eases the burden of the farmers, farm labourers, particularly women who do the tedious tasks of manual weeding and harvesting.

 Baking is still a daunting task for me, I would love to be able to bake but in the meantime love good breads from bakers like Arabind, who value the provenance of the wheat, who try to understand the grain and the flour and treat these like a living entity. What I find is that most people expect bread to be incredibly soft, sweet and real bread.

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