We love our White Rices!

Oh yes! We love our white rices too! 

 You may be wondering about it since we feature them rarely on our feed. That's because most of the Bio Basics meals clicked are cooked in the home of our founders who are both committed red rice fans! So white rice features only occasionally, however, our white rices are loved by our customers and come from a few lovely farms in Tamil Nadu.

 Our Thuyamalli white rice is available as raw rice, par boiled rice and now available as unpolished rice too. Grown by organic farmers in Pudukottai district, it lives upto its name, which  means white jasmine. You will agree when you see the cooked or uncooked rice. Long grained, delicious, easy to cook and good for everyday meals! It is also known to digest quickly and is supposed to be good for the nervous system and have anti-ageing properties. The raw thuyamalli rice cooks quite quickly and be cooked on the stove and doesnt need to be pressure cooked. 

 (Raw thuyamalli image)

 Cooking directions : Use 1:3 water in a vessel, close the lid and cook on high flame and once the water boils lower the flame to low and let the rice cook slowly. The cooked rice will have a tender flower like consistency.

 Here is a Sunday lunch of rice and rajma with Thuyamalli raw rice and organic Jammu rajma and sweet potatoes and freshly cut cucumbers. An all organic lunch, lovely, delicious lunch on a rainy afternoon.  

Kichadi Samba, our other favourite white rice comes from two organic farms in the Kaveri delta. Both the farmers are committed to growing this rice and personally love it, for its properties and its taste.  The delta farmers swear by the taste of the rice grown in that soil. And when that rice is grown without chemicals, the taste is enhanced manyfold.Called Kichli or Kichadi Samba, again easy to digest; it is known to be good for boosting immunity and building muscles. This lovely rice, smaller grained than Thuyamalli is equally delicious. We carry it with more bran than Thuyamalli. So it looks kind of yellowish. The bran levels are maintained differently, as different people want different levels of bran. The level of bran determines the fibre in the rice and higher the level of bran/fibre the lower the glycemic index (GI) value of the rice. 

So if you want to eat low GI rice choose the unpolished version of white rices, which is brown rice with full bran. Check out these wonderful rices, available as raw and parboiled !  We assure you that you will fall in love with them.

(Kichadi samba rice image)

 Here is lunch with Kichadi Samba par boiled rice along with yellow pumpkin erisherri with black cowpeas and sauteed haricot beans from Ooty .As usual all organic meals!  

( kichadi samba lunch image ) 

 Have you tried these rices?  Did you enjoy them? Let us know what you liked about them! Head to our online store at Bio Basics Collections to check out these two and other heritage rices

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