What of Wheat? Part-1

As we add two new wheat into our collection, here's a post just for you to get to know, understand & choose heritage wheat! This is the only guide you'll ever need to know "What of wheat?" 

Just kidding, but here's a run-down from all the research we've gathered (academic and anecdotal!) Save, share, and let us if you would like more of these!

Bio Basics wheat all come from single origin organic farms or organic farmer groups. They are all grown organically, stored naturally, and milled fresh in small batches just before packing your orders!


Every one of these wheats have their distinctive character, unique taste...Try them all and choose whatever works for you (The more diverse we eat, the more diverse our farms will continue to be!) As always, link in bio! 

Thanks to farmer, friend, researcher, and seed conserver Soumik Banerjee for his deep knowledge and generosity in sharing!

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