What's in a name? Part-2

In this edition of "What's in a name?" we are doing a the roll call of the Tamil Nadu rices Bio Basics carries. So here's the names of our rices - the ordinary & extraordinary, the ones laden with meaning and the ones that came about colloquially.

Putting this together reminded us just how many wonderful traditional grains we carry... To think they would all just sink into oblivion without our farmers! We've said it before and we will probably say it many times more - these traditional grains are the ticket to food sovereignty.

Celebrating heritage rices is the best way you can support us, organic farmers and ensure they continue to exist for generations to come!

If you are looking to try our traditional rices, this is your sign

Sources :
The Save Our Rice Campaign materials
Conversations with farmer friends Jayakumar, Ashokan, Sriram and numerous others..
"The art of naming traditional rice varieties and landraces by ancient Tamils" - A Satya
"Pokisham - a compilation of traditional rices conserved by Nel Jayaraman" - Thillainadhan & Sriram

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