Emmer Wheat Flour

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Emmer Wheat Flour

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  • Made from heirloom wheat
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Sourced from organic-certified farms

Emmer Wheat or Khapli Gehu is an ancient wheat variety which is parent to the modern day bread wheat. It has less number of chromosomes making the protein of the wheat less complex and therefore easier to digest and less allergenic. Emmer flour is good for making rotis or puris. The flour becomes slighly sticky when combined with water and is rough in texture comprared to other flours. This is because of its gluten structure and protein makeup that distinguishes it from bread wheat to give your more fiber and less gluten in your diet. You can also use Emmer Wheat Flour to make nice dosas and sourdough loaves.


The Story

In India, Emmer wheat is grown in the Deccan plateau. It has a husk similar to paddy and has to be hulled after harvested. Each sheath contains two grains which is unique to Emmer Wheat.

Bio Basics gets Emmer Wheat from three sources. One is a third-party certified single farm in Sangli, Maharashtra. The farmer has been organic for over 20 years. The wheat is grown and stored with its husk. The grains are hulled and freshly ground by us every week.

Our second source of Emmer Wheat is from a certified organic farm in Pune, Maharashtra. Our third source is from a small farmer group from Belgaum, Karnataka where it is grown by a single farmer.


Health Benefits

  • High is fiber and protein
  • Low is gluten
  • Contains many antioxidant nutrients

Storage instructions

  • It is best to refrigerate the flour a week after you get it, in order to retain its properties and freshness.
  • Since no preservatives or chemicals are used during processing, the flour can get infested if stored for a long time.
  • This is normal with all organic products. If your Emmer Wheat Flour gets infested, this doesn't make it inedible.
  • All you need to do is, put it through a sieve and it is good to use.

How to

  • You can use Emmer Wheat Flour to make rotis, puris, dosas or anything that you would, using bread wheat flour. The difference is in choosing the healthier option.

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to wheat or gluten, you could try switching from normal bread flour to Emmer Wheat Flour. You may be able to digest it better. However, if you have a celiac-related condition, it is best to avoid any kind of wheat. It is always better to consult your doctor or nutritionist if you have any kind of wheat or gluten allergies. Our suggestions are general and do not constitute medical advice.

Customer Reviews

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Kajal Rajput

Emmer Wheat Flour

Neelima Nair
Emmar wheat flour

Very good quality. Taste amazing and very light in the stomach.

Gopinath Sadasivam

Chapathis made out of this FLOUR are very soft and tasty. Excellent product with quality guaranteed. Would recommend to every one. A must buy product.



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