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Being Organic

Disclaimer: Our responses to these FAQs are based on our beliefs, knowledge and lived experience. We do not claim to be experts, nor are our views vetted by any peer-reviewed scientific or medical journals. So we expect you to check these out for yourself, and not simply go by what we say here. Having said that, we believe that common sense does not need proof!

What is organic food?

Why not use chemicals? Pests are bad anyway.

What is whole food?

Is there scientific proof that chemicals used in farming are bad for human health?

If the chemicals in our food are that bad, how come the regulators and governments allow this?

Why is organic food costly?

How do we know it is organic?

If food can't be 100% organic, what is the point in eating organic food?

Most farmers use chemicals. How can the organic farmer do without it? Is it even possible?

What about Organic Certification? Does that not assure us that the food is truly organic?

How does hi-technology help?

The poor cannot afford organic food. So why should we?

All of us have to die someday anyway. So why spend money on healthy food?

My grandmother is 90 and is very healthy. She has never had organic food. So why should we?

Organic food is a fad! Just eat whatever (even street food), and you will build more immunity to diseases.

Why go organic? I am fine right now, so why bother?

What are GMOs? Are we not using hybrids already in many crops? Are hybrids and GMOs the same?

What do you mean by "Be Organic"?

Why does Bio Basics use plastics for packaging? That is not eco-friendly.

How does chemical farming hurt the environment?



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