Organic food is a fad! Just eat whatever (even street food), and you will build more immunity to diseases.

Sadly, that is not true. It would have been true, if it were about naturally produced food, although unhygienically produced. For instance, if we were to eat street food where the ingredients are all chemical-free, that could build one's immunity, as lack of hygiene is something that our bodies are used to for ages. Remember that our body's native inherent intelligence has taken millennia to develop. Chemicals arrived on our food scene just 50 years ago. Our bodies cannot recognize these chemicals even today, at least in small quantities. When you consume too much of chemicals, the body recognizes it as something harmful and tries to throw it out through vomiting, loose motion, coughs or colds. Consuming chemicals does not build immunity. If it were so, we could have consumed chemicals to prevent a COVID infection! Eating bleaching powder will not cure Corona!


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