Rice Romance

Most of us love rice. I know I do. It is our comfort food. Think about your first meal, when you were an infant. It was rice! In some form or other. Depending on where you are from. And we consume rice in so many forms – aval/poha or flakes, flour, grains. And so many dishes! In fact, I don’t know anyone who does not like rice. Rice fulfils us, energizes us, provides us critical vitamins, nutrients and fibre, and above all, makes us happy!

But now we are told that rice is bad for us. Carbs, they say. Leads to diabetes and weight gain, they say. So now I come across some people who are afraid to eat rice, even if they love it! There is something called Rizyphobia – the fear of rice!!

Well, here is our point of view at Bio Basics. Rice is not bad for us. It is what we have done to rice that is the culprit. We have over-polished it, added chemicals to it, and have lost touch with how and how much is to be eaten. And more, we eat the same kind of rice even when there are hundreds of varieties to choose from. So, it is about eating the RIGHT RICE the RIGHT WAY!

There is a rice for every age, every meal, every season, every cuisine, every occasion and even every health condition!

If you are one of those who love rice, and would like to know more, join our RICE LOVERS’ CLUB. Get to know which rice is best for you, learn how to make rice your friend, build your own RICE MAP, read scientific literature that supports rice consumption, learn more creative ways of using rice, and wow your family and friends with what all you can do with rice. Talk to Devi, our Top Rice Lover, to get your questions answered.

If you would really like to keep learning about this, click on the link. Fill in a quick questionnaire. And we will keep feeding you (“aha” information about) rice! See you on the rice side!



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