What about Organic Certification? Does that not assure us that the food is truly organic?

Organic Certification is a step towards verifying that the food is genuinely organic. An important step indeed. A certified organic product will carry the "India Organic" logo or "Jaivik Bharat" logo, [give the logos here] aside from providing the name of the certifying agency along with the specific certification number. According to current FSSAI (Food Safety Standards Authority of India) rules, no food can be marked "organic", if it is not certified. But it should not be taken as the be-all and end-all assurance that it is genuinely organic. The certification is granted by companies approved by the Government. They can at best visit the farmer in his farm once a year. The documentation requirement for getting certification is onerous and difficult for a small farmer to do. Certification is also expensive. Further, the procedure involved in certifying a final product as "Organic" is cumbersome and at times, unrealistic at best and unfair to small farmers, at worst.  Large corporations who can invest millions in their processes and facilities can afford it on a regular basis. And they do so on the back of exports which can justify the expense. At Bio Basics, we don't just rely on certification. We personally ensure the produce is organic (not just going by the paperwork) by our own due-diligence process, only one step of which is certification. So let us not entirely be driven by certification. 

Think about it this way. Do we choose a doctor based on his/her degree certificate? How about choosing a school or college for our children? So why only ask for certification for organic food? We believe this is the "Sita Syndrome" that most of us suffer from. In Ramayana, despite Sita's suffering, she was exposed to humiliation just to prove she was chaste. Similarly, we are being unfair to farmers, who choose organic farming despite all odds, and ask them to prove that their produce is free from chemicals, while allowing the chemical farmer to sell without any check.

So let us do the due diligence ourselves. We should ask questions to the retailer - ask how he knows this is truly organic, where does it come from, which farm/farmer, what processes do they follow to ensure no chemicals are used. If he cannot answer these questions, and looks at you as if you are crazy, do you think you should be buying these items from him? If you don't care for your own health, why would the producer or retailer care for yours? If you choose to buy from a faceless store, where no one knows who you are, should you expect that the producer/retailer will take care of your health? 

Bio Basics is committed to answer all your questions, as and when you have them, about any of our products. If you have the time, that is.



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