Why go organic? I am fine right now, so why bother?

Congrats! Good that you are in the pink of health. But let us keep it that way. If we expose our bodies to various chemicals through our food, the body/home care items we use daily (soaps, shampoos, perfumes, cleaners, laundry/dish wash liquids, etc.), we are constantly increasing the "toxin load" of our body. 

Toxins are synthetic chemicals or foreign bodies that our bodies do not recognize as natural and therefore do not assimilate them in or excrete them out. They linger on in the body for long and in the process either debilitate the smooth functioning of our various organs (pancreas, liver, kidneys etc.) or affect entire systems (lymphatic, endocrine or digestive or cardio-vasculuar systems, etc.), thereby creating diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, etc. and also, impeding digestion, fertility and other normal functions of the human body.

Unfortunately, we don't know what our toxin load is at any point of time. By the time we see specific physical symptoms, it is late, and sometimes too late to reverse the situation. So sorry to break the bubble, but just because we are feeling fine right now, does not mean that we will never have any diseases, regardless of how we treat our bodies. We have to see the trend, and where it is likely to go, given what we feed our bodies now and how we take care of it.

Think of it this way, our bodies are like temples. And we should only take the purest of items inside the temple, giving due regard to it. If we don't treat it with respect, who else will? If we feed our bodies with junk, it is equivalent to disrespecting it and thereby exposing it to unnecessary dangers.


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