Ladies/ Kids Mundu (113cm x 190cm)

Ladies/ Kids Mundu (113cm x 190cm)

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This veshti/dhoti/mundu is a classic wrap-around. We are weaving sustainability into every warp. Organically grown cotton. An extinct variety of cotton was revived. Unbleached. Natural dyes. Handwoven. Our Founders' daily wear. Simple, traditional, elegant, sustainable.

Know more about the what of it:

Personally curated. Sincerely sourced from Swaminathan of Kaskom.
 Karungani cotton is organically grown in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. 
Handwoven in Kannur, Kerala. Kara (borders) dyed in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

Learn more about the why of it:

Veshti/dhoti/mundu is the way to go - at home, work, and even for fun! 
Easy to wash, easy to dry, no need to even iron. Easy to wear, one size fits all. Climate appropriate. Culture appropriate. 
Great for formal occasions, fun events, and even, physical activity! 

Warning: Once you start wearing this, you will struggle to wear tight-fitting pants/trousers.


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