Siddhasanna Rice (One Touch Polish, Raw)

Siddhasanna Rice (One Touch Polish, Raw)

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  • Easy to cook

  • Farmer-developed variety

  • 100% organic and natural

Siddhasanna is a long-grained, dull-white color raw rice with 25-30% bran. It is a very popular variety of rice in Karnataka because of its great cooking consistency and taste. When cooked, the rice has a nutty flavor and mixes well with all kinds of Indian curries.


The Story

Siddhasanna is farmer-developed rice. While growing traditional rice varieties, farmers may sometimes come across a different-looking plant in their field. They pull it out and replant it over seasons until the plant variety stabilizes. If the rice quality is good, the farmer will consult experts and other farmers, and name the rice. Siddhasanna was developed in this manner by an expert organic farmer, Bore Gowda, who named the rice after his father, Siddhappa, and his mother, Sannamma.

We were fortunate to visit Bore Gowda’s home where we dined on this rice along with him, while listening to his story. To be able to closely connect with this farmer, have a meal with him, and then to market his rice is an honor that we will always cherish.

Bio Basics gets Siddhasanna semi-polished raw rice from two sources. One is a third-party certified organic farming group based in Bangalore and the other is from our farmer collective based in the Dharwad district.



  • Rich in fiber
  • Easy to digest
  • High in protien


  • Once the plastic package is opened, transfer the rice to an airtight container and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Refrigerate long-stored rice to retain its properties and keep it fresh.


  • Open vessel: 1 cup rice: 2.5 cups water.

  • Boil water before adding rice and cook on slow flame for 20 minutes.

  • Drain excess water once the rice is cooked.



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