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Healthy Planet, Healthy Farmers, Healthy Consumers

– The Bio Basics Way

Bio Basics is a social enterprise with a mission to work for the well-being of the environment, farmers and consumers.
Led by professionals aiming to create a social & environmental impact, we work to create a market for genuine organic, whole foods, by educating the consumers and making it easy for them to order and access safe organic food and other organic products for themselves and their families.

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Green Ideas for a Blue Planet

  • Farmers First

    The backbone of Bio Basics lies in respecting the farmer for his commitment to organic and his farming effort by ensuring fair remuneration, which is maximised by sourcing directly from him.

  • Holistic Consumer Health

    The health of the consumer – and the farmer – automatically and simultaneously gets ensured through emphasis on the well-being of the organic farmer – who gets incentivized to grow safe, chemical-free food, not just for his family but for the market as well.

  • Safe Food Movement

    Bio Basics envisons creating an pan-India urban Movement for Safe Food though various awareness generation initiatives, that, we hope will fuel an increased consumer choice of Organic Food options.

  • Bequeathing a Pristine Planet

    A mass movement of farmers & consumers going organic will set in motion an environmental cleanup of Mother Earth

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