Activated Charcoal Soap – Tea Tree & Lavender

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Activated Charcoal Soap – Tea Tree & Lavender

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Saponified coconut oil, Activated charcoal, TeaTree and Lavender Essential Oils.


Wild Ideas Activated Charcoal Soap – Tea Tree & Lavender (100g) is a natural, Hand-Made soap that gives you a deep clean. The magic of its ingredients removes dirt & toxins. leaves skin smooth & supple.

  • Wild Ideas anti-bacterial soap bar is handmade from 100% natural and organic ingredients and will have you bid goodbye to harmful chemical based soap bars and liquids.
  • It is powerful and effective and most of all completely safe to use. Similar to ayurvedic bath soaps, it is gentle on your skin and resists bacteria.
  • Activated Charcoal is a fine odourless black powder that is widely known for its toxin-absorbing properties.
  • It deep cleanses the skin, removes dirt, toxins and leaves the skin smooth and supple.
  • Tea Tree is an essential oil mainly used as an antiseptic while Lavender is an aromatic shrub with purple flowers mainly known for its fragrance and antiseptic properties.


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