A Conversation & A Lunch

Our co-founders Ramesh & Devi sat down over lunch to discuss all things food, farming, social enterprises & the Bio Basics journey with Dr. Umesh Chandrasekhar (Professor - PSGIM). If you are looking to know more about social enterprises, what Bio Basics stands for and how it all came about these are just for you - part 1 & 2 for the conversation here!

Like all wonderful conversations, it happened over some wonderful food. That day’s Bio Basics platter was an absolute treat - For mains the glutinous, balck, delicious Kaala Malli Phulo rice (Soaked overnight, pressure cooked).

And for the sides -

  1. Blitzed tomatoes with our Wayanad Pepper & Himalayan Rock Salt.
  2. A channa masala with Kabuli chana & everybody's favourite hand pounded garam masala.
  3. Local sweet potatoes roasted and seasoned with our chilli powder, pepper powder & salt.
  4. Manathakkali keerai (black nightshade) homegrown, straight from the garden made into a thoran.
  5. And finally bitter gourd shallow fried in cold-pressed sesame oil (not in picture).

Also not pictured is how we doused the rice with coconut milk just before eating... The nutty black rice paired with homemade coconut milk is just so flavourful and perfect!
Dessert was the delicious chakka varatty!



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