A Perfect Red Rice Kanji Recipe

Say Hello to Uma! A popular red-rice variety grown in Kerala. Uma is versatile, has a soft texture and is easy to cook. If you have been looking for the perfect kanji rice or the starter rice to begin your red rice journey with - Uma is the rice for you! While we have both raw and parboiled variants of the rice, we always recommend going with the raw ones for your Kanji

Why Uma?

Packed with nutrition, Uma is perhaps the first simple step towards your path to better health! Our Uma rice is semi-polished with its bran partially intact. Compared to regular white rice, which is chemically grown using harmful pesticides, highly polished and stripped of most nutrients, Uma scores much higher. Here’s the data -

Bio Basics' Uma Red Rice is single-origin & organically grown. It is semi-polished, processed & stored without any chemical intervention. It comes from our local palakkad farm who ensures every step of the rice process is carried out with utmost diligence

Why Kanji?

Kanji/Rice porridge during monsoon is an age old Kerala tradition... unfortunately, a forgotten one. While we also crave creamy soups and hot chocolate in this weather, there is something about the light yet hearty red rice kanji that makes it the ultimate comfort food! Dr Abhilash, an Ayurvedic physician explained the logic of having Kanji during the month of Karkidakam/Aadi (July 15th to August 15th), when the south-west monsoon is at its peak."During the monsoons, our digestive capacity diminishes and our ability to digest reduces. The Agni in the body lowers down & we are prone to colds, fevers and indigestion. The burden on the body increases, therefore it is time to have foods that are easy to digest! Kanji with semi-polished or unpolished rice is a light food. In Ayurveda parlance 'laghu aharam', easily digestible.

Having Kanji once a day will help strengthen bones, reduce the tendency to have colds and fevers and improve general health." This year when all of us are worried about staying healthy & having high immunity, Kanji is a great meal to consider!

The Recipe

For how much goodness Kanjis pack, they are a fairly easy and quick dish to make. Here is the basic recipe and a few trips & trick to getting your Kanji right

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