An Organic "Fast Food" from Bio Basics

It is a versatile spread, seasoning, dip. Use it as a spicy dip with your veggie sticks, and here is a delish quick and easy rice recipe for you.

Gobindobhog brown rice 1 cup, pressure cook the rice in 1:3 water.       

Carrots, beans, green peas, onions, ( or other veggies) - 2 cups.

Sautee the veggies with pepper and salt in organic groundnut oil.

Mix well 3-4 teaspoons of spicy peanut butter in half a cup of water making it watery.

In a pan mix the cooked brown gobindobhog rice and the watery spicy peanut butter, add the sauteed veggies, keep on low fire, mix well, add salt if required ( mostly you won't need it ). 

Switch off the stove & add a cup of coconut milk and mix well...


Serve, eat hot with sliced cucumbers or chips! 

Spice level of peanut butter - High.                                                                 

Can be used with any brown or white raw rice.

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