Homemade Muesli recipe

Check out this interesting homemade muesli recipe with Aval or Poha. It is simple and easy to follow and what more, will result in a delicious and wholesome breakfast.

Muesli anyone?

Sometime back I got into a phase of wanting to eat muesli after enjoying a new brand of muesli. As we have gone off milk for about 7 years, with that went out muesli, ats, and cornflakes.So I thought why not try rice and millet muesli. Since rice and millet avals are like oats in consistency they would be a good replacement for oats, except that oats keep for longer without going rancid…

Avals become Muesli

This is how the experiment went. The ingredients used are : 50 gms each of nattu kambu aval (pearl millet flakes), irumbu solam aval ( red sorghum flakes), mappilai samba rice aval ( red rice flakes), 25 gms of almonds chopped ( badam) , 25 gms of raisins ( dry grapes), 25 or 50 gms of white sesame. The sesame quantity can be same as avals if you like the taste of sesame and want a big calcium boost. Of course once  you like the result you can always make a bigger batch, so that all the effort is not eaten up in 3 days.

These can be interchangeably used with any millet aval – foxtail ( thinai), little (samai), finger millet (ragi), barnyard ( kuthiraivali) or kodo( varagu) aval ( flakes). The mappilai Samba rice aval can be replaced with any red/black thick aval ( Aval karuppu kavuni).

I roasted the the two millet avals together till they felt crisp with a spoon of organic coconut oil, roasted the Mappilai Samba rice aval, which retained its chewy texture ( making it mimic oats) and roasted the sesame and the chopped almonds, again separately using a spoon of organic coconut oil, mixed all the roasted ingredients along with raisins. The team tried out this mueseli  with milk with three different sweeteners: organic nattu sakkarai ( raw cane sugar), cacao nibs ( natural roasted cacao nibs are available)  and organic honey.  After the mixture cools down to put it in a steel or glass container and refrigerate. ( I am told by my young friend that she makes a syrup of raw cane sugar or palm jaggery and stirs the roasted ingredients in it and lets the sticky mixture cool and then stores it.)

It could keep a few days outside, beyond that it is best to refrigerate. The advantages; it is a quick and easy breakfast; contains all healthy ingredients and you can sweeten it as you like. Make it a fun activity for your children to make their own muesli. The disadvantage is that we have to actually prepare it instead of picking it up from a store shelf, but I am sure we can overcome it.

So here is another healthy organic breakfast with avals!

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  • Looks delicious! will surely try it with my True Elements Muesli.


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