Incredible Nutritive Properties and Health Benefits of Red Rice

Rakthashali Red Rice has been known since antiquity for its nutritive and nourishing properties. It has also been substantiated by modern day research as well.

According to Uma Ahuja et al in their paper “Rice- A nutraceutical” say the following: 

"Varieties of Sali were considered sweet in taste, cooling in potency, light in digestion and capable of imparting strength. They were supposed subdue pita and slightly increase vata and kapha. Of these Red Sali (Raktasali) was the most efficacious in subduing deranged humors. It was considered diuretic, spermatophytic, refrigerant, eye invigorating, cosmetic, tonic and pleasant. It was good for fevers and ulcers and was antitoxic".

According to Uma Ahuja etal “ Varieties  of  Sali  were  considered  sweet  in  taste,  cooling in  potency,  light  in able  of imparting strength. They were supposed to subdue pitta, and slightly increased vata and kapha. Of these, Red Sali (Raktasali) was the most efficacious in  subduing deranged humors. It was considered diuretic,  spermatophytic,  refrigerant,  eye-invigorating,  cosmetic,  tonic,  and  pleasant.  It  was  good  for fevers and ulcers, and was antitoxic. Other species of Sali were considered slightly inferior. 

Rakthashali is a highly nutritive grain with healthful properties to balance the three doshas ( vata, pitta, kapha) according to Ayurveda. It is known for its property to improve blood count. It is also known to be good for purifying the blood, and is good for the skin & eyes. It is a small slender red grain with a colour closer to bright maroon/brown. It is sweet in taste, relatively easy to cook and easy to digest.

Rakthashali rice is good for managing blood sugar and high satiating thereby good for portion control.

Rakthashali has been found to be beneficial for women as it contains high amounts of Vitamin B6 which enables the production of blood cells. This helps in reducing the effect of anemia and it is also considered good for haling in post partum women. There is anecdotal evidence of persons undergoing chemotherapy using Rakthashali rice to keep up their blood count and experiencing benefits.

It is high in Vitamin B5, which enables blood cell production. It is high in zinc, therefore acts as an immunity booster.  Among various rice varieties it has relatively higher levels of calcium It is high in calcium among rice varieties. It also has reasonably high levels of protein content (11%). Also, it contains 3.98% of crude lipid content, and the lipid content is concentrated in the bran. Therefore, Rakthashali that is available without polishing with 100% bran is the most nutritionally superior version. Rakthashali also has high total dietary fibre content at 6.59%. 


Rakthashali has incredible nutritive properties and health benefits and when grown organically and made available with 100% bran it is a superior grain which is a must add into our pantry.

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