Is it going to be RED?

Are you looking to start your red rice journey or are you looking to up your red rice adventures or have you found your sweet spot with a couple of red rices ? 

Red rice is not a variety, it is the generic term we use the cover the widest range of indigenous rices that originated in India,  grown here since centuries. Traditionally, our ancestors ate more red rice than white and that too hand pounded.

We, in India have more red rice varieties than white, in every rice growing region we have a diverse variety of rices that are red in colour. Be it the short season or the long crop season. 

All red rices are not the same. Some are small, some big, some soft, some bold; some have medicinal properties, others are nutrition power houses, some others are taste enhancers. There are rices that are good for women, some for children, some that alleviate digestive issues, those that help cure skin problems or others that are used to cure arthritis and numerous other properties. 

All these rices have one thing in common, these are part of our rich agrarian heritage and in addition contain the keys to good health & nutrition. 

So here are some red rice recommendations from us. Do you have questions on red rice varieties, how to cook these, how to choose them, what is best for kids, what works as a good starter rice or a great Kanji rice? 

Reach out to us, ask us questions, try out the rices…..join in the rice conversation and become part of #givingtothefuture

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