Kerala Matta red rice

   If you ask anyone about Kerala red rice the top response would be Kerala Matta. People would go through our long list of Kerala rice varieties, look at the names and descriptions and then ask us," Can we get Kerala matta rice?".Do you know that it is not a variety but a trading name for the class of parboiled red rices from Kerala? It could be any one of the ranges of Kerala red rice varieties. The word Matta is used to denote parboiled rice varieties. 

   So we decided to introduce Kerala matta for you all to enjoy the experience of it in its organic & traditional form. Our Kerala matta rice is

   From a single farm in Palakkad district-owned and continuously farmed for 30 years.

   Organically cultivated

   Double-boiled on the farm, dried & stored in the old tiled granary on the farm

   Freshly milled every month or once in two months in a small mill in Palakkad, known for its support of organic farmers and their milling requirements

   Winnowed, cleaned, dried by our team in small batches and

   Cooked & photographed & the story told

   For you to adopt this rice into your home

   To enjoy, build your health and keep them in the field.

   Over the year or more we have perfected the amount of bran ( how much bran will the rice have, determining its taste & fiber) and we have the perfect Kerala Matta for you

   It is with 25-30&% bran, double-boiled, giving it that distinct cooked matta rice look & taste & feel.

   We have been enjoying the Kerala matta rice at home. We cook all these rice varieties at home, that's how we arrive at the cooking time, taste profile, and decide whether you will love it or just like it. We recommend this rice and would like to have you try it and recommend it forward.

Cooking time:

   Soaked for 2-3 hours

   Pressure cooked with 1:3 water for three whistles on high flame and then on low flame for 8-10 minutes.

   As the quantity of rice goes up the quantity of water required will not increase in the same proportion due to reduced evaporation.

Lunch today:

   Kerala matta red rice

   Pumpkin Sambar with organic sambar powder from Bio Basics

   Aviyal with Bio Basics organic vegetables

   Jackfruit chips organic from Bio Basics

   Chammandi podi organic from Bio Basics

   We have introduced organic chammandi podi and some organic chips and hope to have it available online shortly, with small batches occasionally


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