Flavours of Traditional Rices

It is a time to eat healthy but light, with the heat setting in, nothing heavy will work. And we have the perfect solution with our light, raw, organic white Thuyamalli rice. Combined with the eternal South Indian favourite curry leaves or kariveppilai/ kariveppila. Every dish we make contains curry leaves be it chutney for breakfast, sambar for lunch or an upma for dinner.


Karuvepillai Sadam (Curry leaves rice) is a Tamilnadu favourite. Dry roasted curry leaves, dals, spices, coconut and a small ball of puli ground together for the perfect Karuvepillai/Curry leaves powder. This glorious green/brown powder is great for dosas, idli, with rice and ghee, the possibilities are truly endless.

But today, it was destined to be Curry leaf podi rice. With Thuyamalli cooked to perfection & a finishing touch of roasted cashews to indulge. Served with the quintessential aviyal (the best way to use up veggies!) And some fried rice appalams/vadams (crisps made with rice they are also made with millets, which can be fried just before the meal elevating it to a different level.


The curry leaves come from our garden. The dals and spices from our wonderful, dedicated organic farmers.  Thuyamalli, an indigenous white rice of Tamilnadu named after the Jasmine flowers, comes from an organic farmer group in Pudukkotai, which is a long standing partner. 

Thuyamalli comes as both raw and parboiled, great for variety rices like this or as an everyday table rice. The vegetables are from our local organic farmers. Everything on our plate is traceable to the farmer or farm or small group. A perfect, all organic lunch!

An important part of being organic in Bio Basics is to adopt organic as a way of life, be it one’s own garden where no chemicals are used and home where all cleaners are organic so that the water going  into the garden is organic and ensuring that as many ingredients in a meal are from organic sources. Every bit counts in this endeavour and the more items we can source and use organic, the more we support farmers, nature and our health.

That doesn't mean organic is boring or limiting, on the contrary it is challenging, limitless, innovative and creative. Eating all organic is mindful, conscious, deliberate and where we have agency about what we put into our bodies. 


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