Not so basic Brown Rice


You want healthy rice, full of fiber and a bit of a bite... But red is just not your colour of choice. Enter brown rice - the most commonly sought after health food. But there is more than just the buzz. Brown rice, as it is completely unpolished, full of bran, fibre & often the more nutritious choice than its white counterpart. But there are still so many questions & conceptions about Brown rice - Is it a separate variety? How is it different from white rice? Can I eat brown rice? What is the perfect brown rice for me? How to cook? We are here to help you understand brown rice with our latest primer! 


When it comes to choosing your brown rice - It is the same principle we say for choosing red or black. Always understand rice is not a monolith. Each brown rice variety has its own unique character. Some slender, some short. Some sticky, some chewy. Here are some defining features of the brown rices we carry


For cooking your brown rice there is just one rule you should always follow - Brown rices are full bran rices. Full bran rices should always be well cooked so that it digests well! Here are the common rice:water ratios we use


And some of our favorite pairings & platters we have done with brown rices. With your most liked curries & subzis, with a creamy sauce or with hearty dals - Brown rice is always a winner. Remember to pair the rices with their characteristics in mind!


And a quick word of caution before you go

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